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Covid-19 secure Essential reading

We have implemented Covid-19 secure guidance for the safety of all – Please read before making appointments.


Educational materials (in progress)

Learn about hormonal balance, healthy weight management and lifestyle medicine.

Manage your profile (for registered patients)

View your profile details and confirm if they are accurate; update your editable details; and request corrections or updates.

Covid-19 risk assessment (Guest access required)

Assess your personal risk of Covid-19 and its consequences; risk mitigation if you undergo treatments during the pandemic.

Online assessment forms (registered patients)

health assessment forms used before or during consultation; Metabolic health risk assessment for overweight and obesity; Hormonal health assessment

Pre-treatment informed consent (for registered patients)

Informed consent forms for procedures that you can view and complete online following your consultation

Post procedure aftercare leaflets (registered patients)

Essential aftercare leaflets for routine procedures to help ensure optimal outcomes.


Patient education guides (in progress)

Patient education for weight loss, hormonal health and HRT, Covid-19 guidance.